A Kid and 3 Quail Eggs

It is difficult to fathom what goes through the mind of a kid. During dinner, my usually talkative nephew took an oath of silence for the duration of the meal just so he can have 3 extra quail eggs. Mind you, we are talking about a Primary 1 boy whose incessant talking and questioning irritates us to no end and will not stop for more than a minute regardless of how we reprimand and coddle him.

What was even more surprising was that he even offered one egg to my wife, his 姨姨, who was teasing and goading him to break his silence for the entire duration of the meal. I don’t know whether to attribute his generosity to his innocence, his respect for elders or simply that he was just too full from his dinner.

Kids, they never cease to amaze us.

One Response to A Kid and 3 Quail Eggs

  1. Yeap, this is the age when kids never fails to amaze us. I still remember my Sis telling me that my nephew will choose Healthier Choice drinks at Supermarket. Haha